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MIX INDIA polished natural tiny stones XXS

Referenca: V302

Versatile tiny crystals for esoteric and decorative use.

Tiny natural crystals are very convenient to use in:

  • crystal therapy,
  • chakra cleansing,
  • crystal networks,
  • Reiki therapy,
  • various rites.

However, they are also decorative and as such are used for:

  • jewelry making,
  • home decoration,
  • arts and crafts and art projects,
  • filling for vases, flower pots, fountains and terrariums.

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You can read more about the crystal here >> Amethyst

Amethyst is considered to be a powerful protective stone which protects our energy field, eliminates stress and brings peace and harmony. It is also known to help with insomnia problems. Ancient nations named it a crystal of detoxification and sobriety. It balances mood swings and helps us achieve inner peace.

You can read more about the stone here >> Heliotrope

Heliotrope (blood stone) got its name because of its appearance, as its red spots resemble bloodstains. It eliminates loneliness, anxiety, and stress. It has a beneficial effect on the heart chakra and protects against harmful external influences.

You can read more about the crystal here >> Agate

Agate is a crystal of dynamism. It is considered to be a protective crystal that is strongly associated with the Earth. It strengthens memory, understanding, inner strength, and stability, eliminates depression, sadness, and insomnia and improves well-being. It regulates positive and negative emotions, but it also balances both halves of the brain, so it helps us make better judgments when making decisions. It fills us with confidence and determination. It strengthens insights and makes sure we stay grounded.

You can read more about the crystal here >> Quartz or mountain crystal

Quartz or mountain crystal regulates negative energy, cleans and neutralizes harmful emissions of the environment. It helps us relax and fulfill our desires. It clears our mind and helps to overcome fears, strengthens brain functions, stabilizes the heart and energy flow. It helps well with overcoming neuroses and hormonal problems.

If we use it with other crystals, it increases their strength. It can also be used to clean other crystals.


  • Because quartz binds negative energy, it needs to be cleaned more times than other crystals (recommended at least once a week)
  • The crystal can be cleaned under running water.


  • Charge the crystal by exposing it to the moonlight.

You can read more about the stone here >> Red jasper

Red jasper is a stone of stability that strengthens our energy field and brings us a feeling of security. In the old days, it was supposedly a talisman of warriors and rights activists. It absorbs electromagnetic radiation in our home or office and promotes enthusiasm for work, hobbies and new fresh ideas. It is a great crystal for children who are bullied at school because it brings strength and helps resist emotional manipulation and psychological violence. 

You can read more about the stone here >> Yellow jasper

Yellow jasper
 strengthens self-confidence and a positive attitude towards life. It helps us to find friendships and people with similar points of view. As a stone of spiritual protection it\'s a great stone for spiritual practices, shaman travels and deep meditations. It has a beneficial effect on theroot chakra and the solar plexus.


Data sheet

0,5 kg
2 - 7 mm

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