QUARTZ OR MOUNTAIN CRYSTAL – The crystal of activation

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quartz crystal

Quartz is “the stone of all stones”. It cleans and neutralizes negative energy and radiation, strengthens the aura. It opens, breaks down and balances emotional blockades. In the past, flint crystals were put on wounds, burns and other minor injuries. This way they eased the pain and facilitated the healing process. Quartz is known to awaken hidden talents and enable us to manifest them. It is especially known for its healing power that is why it is recommended to always carry a Quartz crystal. Quartz empowers other crystals. Because it is a strong neutraliser of negative energy it is also used for cleaning other crystals.

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Quartz’s effect on psychological well-being

With the help of Quartz, we can obtain a deeper understanding of ourselves. It aids in psychological exhaustion and facilitates recovery from diseases due to stress. It works as a soul cleanser; with cleansing, it strengthens internal stability. It neutralizes negativity and promotes positive thoughts and feelings. It increases patience and persistence and simultaneously enables a greater degree of happiness and love as well as harmonic life with all living beings.

Quartz’s effect on physical well-being

Quartz will help us find a way for loving relationships with ourselves and other people. It prompts the immune system, strengthens energy flow and establishes body balance. It is used for treating headache, migraines and vertigo, as well as improving the general energy of people suffering from exhaustion (loss of energy, sleepiness). It helps by weight loss, as it makes us more dynamic and fuller of energy.

Quartz and spirituality

Energetic imbalance causes emotional distress, which can manifest as numbness and hyperactivity. Quartz balances energy and empowers the activity of chakras. It moreover helps you to calm your mind since it gets rid of criticism, doubts and anxiety, which prevent you from achieving your goals. It is especially useful for promoting Crown Chakra.


Quartz has to be cleaned several times as it absorbs a lot of negative energy from the surroundings. It is cleaned under running water, you can put it in salty water for a few minutes or smoke it (sage, Palo Santo). We fill it with fresh energy at a full moon. Raw Quartz is also appropriate for the preparation of an elixir.

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pri nas lahko naročite drobir kamene strele 1/2 kg za 11 €, ki bi bil primeren vašim željam.

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Kristal kamene strele bi potreboval za izdelavo preparata v prahu.
Imate morda več manjših kosov, ki jih za drugo ne morete uporabiti, za preparat pa bi bili odlični. Potrebujem cca 2 dl praha.
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