AMETHYST – The crystal of spirituality

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About Amethyst

Amethyst is considered as a powerful protection stone, which purifies rooms of negative energies. It simultaneously protects our energy field. It eliminates stress and brings in life harmony and peace. Crystal’s vibration works on physical as well as emotional and psychological level. 

Ancient nations named it a crystal of detoxification and sobriety since they were sure that drinking from Amethyst’s cup protects them from drunkenness.

Amethyst belongs among semi-precious stones. It is recognised by its unique violet colour, due to which it is often used by jewellers.

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Amethyst’s effect on psychological well-being

Amethyst helps us achieve inner peace. It promotes moderation and awareness, due to which we have greater power over our subconsciousness and emotional reactions.

It balances mood swings, frees us of fear, strengthens intuition and confidence. It brings more determination when making decisions. Because it can transform negative energy into positive it is recommended for people who are prone to melancholy and depression, since it comforts them and relieves their emotional pain.

Amethyst protects our energy field; therefore, it is recommended for all people associated with healthcare as well as for all people that work with others. It is especially recommended to wear Amethyst when you feel that others are depriving you of energy.

Amethyst’s effect on physical well-being

Amethyst positively affects the nervous system, since it efficiently relieves tension caused by stress, that is why it is efficient by headaches, migraines and sleep deprivation.

Wearing Amethyst fills us with energy and improves physical vitality, therefore it is advocated in healing and recovery from disease in addition to acting as protection against radiation and chemotherapy. It strengthens an organism as a whole and the immune system. It relieves toothache, swelling and skin disorders, promotes fertility and aids in health problems with the reproductive system.

Amethyst elixir positively affects metabolism by diabetes.

Moreover, it should be worn by those who are battling addiction such as to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or overeating, because it can help them to overcome it.

Amethyst and spirituality

Amethyst is associated with Seventh Crown Chakra. As it calms the mind and cleanses our mental body, it is proven effective in meditation. It helps us to connect with the higher self and awaken ‘’the sixth sense’’. It links us with self-awareness and connects us with our core matrix on which all our beliefs are based.

If you match it with Rose Quartz and Fulgurite you will achieve a balance between heart, mind and spirit.

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