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Turquoise was brought to Europe from Turkey (mines are located in Persian Khorasan Province). The French named it Pierre turquoise (Turkish stone).

On the American continent Indians used it to summon rain during drought. Turquoise was a symbol of wisdom, nobility and immortality for them. It was used for treating eyes, jaundice and healing of wounds.

It used to be believed that Turquoise is of more vivid shiny colour if the owner treats it nicely. With a change in colour, it warned of the impending danger.

Today Turquoise symbolizes generosity, sincerity and affection. It is a talisman of happiness, success and creativity and serves as an amulet of protection. Because it is sensitive to fats and alcohol it is recommended that it should not come in contact with cream or perfume.

Turquoise’s effect on psychological well-being

It balances brain hemispheres that is why it allows wise reasoning. It calms, eliminates depression and panic attacks. It dissolves emotional blockades. It beneficently works in states of physical exhaustion and activates self-healing mechanism in the body.

Turquoise’s effect on physical well-being

It has a cooling effect, heals excessive activity of thyroid gland and acts anti-inflammatory. It heals anaemia, allergies, spine problems, central nervous system disorders, rheumatism and prevents the formation of kidney stones. It detoxifies the body, helps in acidity and strengthens the immune system.

It furthermore protects us from radiation.

Turquoise and spirituality

It is an excellent stone for meditation as it opens the Third eye and improves intuition. It balances Yin and Yang energy and brings inner peace.


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