ROSE QUARTZ – The crystal of love

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Rose Quartz Crystal

About Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is also known as ‘’the rose stone’’ or ‘’the crystal of love’’. It gained its name from its rose colour. We can find it in different shades of rose colour from dark to light, almost white. The Ancient Greeks connected this crystal with goddess Aphrodite and associated its meaning with beauty and love. They believed that with it a person can achieve internal harmony and satisfaction.

The crystal emits strong vibrations of love, warmth and happiness. When we wear it, we become more confident. It brings us emotional safety and spontaneous exhibit of love. It gets rid of grudge, anger and facilitates forgiveness. It symbolizes love towards us, our partner, children, family, friends and everyone else in your life that you love.

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Rose Quartz’s effect on psychological well-being

Rose Quartz is filled with gentle and warm energy; therefore it brings in your life more love, happiness, peace and self-trust.

It emits unexpressed emotions and heartache. It helps us recover from loss, get rid of jealousy and grudge towards others. It calms anger and feelings of guilt and brings more emotional stability. We can also use it to attract the energy of love or to regain trust and awaken love in an existing relationship.

Its energy is very calming. That is why we can use its help in facing hurtful situations like feelings of abandonment, loss, anxiety, stress, lack of sleep and sadness. It is furthermore of great help for people that face the loss of loved ones. Because it helps us love ourselves it is recommended to wear it when we feel depressed.

Rose Quartz’s effect on physical well-being

Because it reduces stress and tension it is recommended in reducing heart problems. It reduces the feeling of heart tension, which is connected to unexpressed feelings.

It strengthens the heart and cardiovascular system. It furthermore positively affects the nervous system, helps with healing kidney and adrenal gland. We can use it when we have a weakened immune system. It eliminates fertility problems. It furthermore works well with people, who suffer from dementia, Alzheimer and Parkinson disease.

Rose Quartz and spirituality

Rose Quartz strengthens the power of Heart Chakra. It establishes a harmonic connection between the spirit and the body. It teaches us the balance between receiving and giving infinite love to ourselves as well as others.

Unbalanced Heart Chakra is shown through negative emotions such as sadness, anger, revenge, fright, emotional apathy, jealousy and distrust. 

Rose Quartz removes negative energy and replaces it with the energy of love. It works best, when worn around the neck, as it is in direct proximity of heart, where it can with its energy stimulate the Heart Chakra.

Rose Quartz Crystal

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