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Amber is not a crystal; however, it is several million years old fossilized tree resin. It often contains fossilized insects or plants. Most of the Amber is deposited by the seas, especially the Baltic Sea. Amber, despite the stone structure and at first glance cold surface, within retains the warmth that is felt only if we keep it in our hand long enough.

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Amber’s effect on psychological well-being

It brings light and the will to live in our lives and fills us with courage and strength. It strengthens determination and self-confidence. It calms and eliminates depression and stress. It improves memory and concentration. It is considered a stone that brings happiness to all aspects of our life.

Amber’s effect on physical well-being

It cures asthma, bronchitis and relieves a bad cough. It strengthens cartilage, bones, joints, teeth and nervous system. It aids in various inflammations and in the healing of wounds. It works well in thyroid gland problems. It is a natural painkiller. With the help of body warmth which causes the evaporation of its oil, we relax body rigidity. In the past as well as today it is often used as a pain reliever in the growth of children’s teeth.

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