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Charoite was named after Siberian river Chari. It was discovered in the second half of the previous century, that is why there are not many sources about its use in the past. Today it is considered the talisman of acceptance and forgiveness and the amulet of physical protection for travelling.

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Charoite’s effect on psychological well-being

Because it balances both brain hemispheres it improves the way of judgement which is based on the rational mind as well as on intuition. Charoite is the crystal of strong emotions and enjoying the joy of life. It strengthens tolerance and helps us to forgive. It aids is in the healing of emotional sediments, which block us and in this way awakens emotions which were hidden. It brings love into interpersonal relationships; therefore, it is appropriate for solving problems with our partner. It furthermore calms aggression, relieves stress and worries. In stressful situations, it provides persistence and the feeling of safety and helps us to let go to the flow of life. It improves memory.

Charoite’s effect on physical well-being

It normalizes blood pressure, relieves cramps, pain, calms the vegetative nervous system. It reduces anxiety and aids in sleeplessness in addition to helping with nightmares. It is positive in arrhythmia and bronchitis. It beneficially affects the liver and lungs and heals skin diseases.

Elixir works antibacterial and antiviral. Because the crystal is slightly radioactive excessive use is advised against.

Charoite and spirituality

Charoite is the stone of spiritual energies which balances Yin and Yang energy. It regulates the working of pineal and pituitary gland. It helps by processing subconscious patterns from this and past lives. It cleanses the aura and the flow of energy, which is transformed on a higher spiritual level. By meditation, it is used for entering other dimensions.

Chakras: Heart, Third Eye, Crown.


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