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You can read more about the crystal here >> Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a crystal of the heart that can be found in different shades of pink. It emits strong vibrations of love, warmth and happiness and symbolizes the love for our partner, our children, our family and friends, as well as love for ourselves and all around us. It helps us to overcome loss and get rid of jealousy and resentfulness. As a stone of the heart chakra, it establishes a harmonious connection between the soul and the body. It teaches us unconditional love and acceptance and works best when its worn around the neck - close to the heart.

You can read more about the stone here >> Citrine

Citrine is a crystal with playful yellow energy, which promotes fullness of life, fresh beginnings, and new searches. It eliminates malaise, dissolves negative states and raises self-confidence. It awakens intuition, opens the chakras, and brings fresh life energy. It has a good impact on business affairs, so it is especially recommended for new projects, as it brings success and abundance.

You can read more about the crystal here >> Carnelian

Carnelian is a crystal of all-round success and comfort. It helps in solving problems, restores motivation, and brings joy to life. It eliminates confusion, frustrations and negativity and encourages us trust ourselves and pursue our dreams. It is also considered a strong protective crystal, as it protects both the individual and his home.

You can read more about the stone here >> Red jasper

Red jasper is a stone of stability that strengthens our energy field and brings us a feeling of security. In the old days, it was supposedly a talisman of warriors and rights activists. It absorbs electromagnetic radiation in our home or office and promotes enthusiasm for work, hobbies and new fresh ideas. It is a great crystal for children who are bullied at school because it brings strength and helps resist emotional manipulation and psychological violence. 

You can read more about the crystal here >> Quartz or mountain crystal

Quartz or mountain crystal regulates negative energy, cleans and neutralizes harmful emissions of the environment. It helps us relax and fulfill our desires. It clears our mind and helps to overcome fears, strengthens brain functions, stabilizes the heart and energy flow. It helps well with overcoming neuroses and hormonal problems.

If we use it with other crystals, it increases their strength. It can also be used to clean other crystals.


  • Because quartz binds negative energy, it needs to be cleaned more times than other crystals (recommended at least once a week)
  • The crystal can be cleaned under running water.


  • Charge the crystal by exposing it to the moonlight.

You can read more about the crystal here >> Amethyst

Amethyst is considered to be a powerful protective stone which protects our energy field, eliminates stress and brings peace and harmony. It is also known to help with insomnia problems. Ancient nations named it a crystal of detoxification and sobriety. It balances mood swings and helps us achieve inner peace.

You can read more about the stone here >> Sodalite

Sodalite is a stone for the clarity of mind, which eliminates indecision, increases creativity, improves memory and learning ability. With its blue crystal energy it stimulates the throat chakra - the voice of the body, balances it and removes blockages. This helps us to express more easily what we think and feel. It is also a great tool for astrologers, numerologists and tarot readers.

* The image is symbolic, as it is a unique product and natural stones can differ from each other in shape and color shade.


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Tale komplet pa res združi vse najboljše kristale za čakre. Sama naredim kristalno terapijo tako, da si na vseh 7 čaker razporedim kristale, ki pripradajo posamezni čakri med meditacijo in tako uskladim pretok energije skozi vse čakre. Potem se počutim veliko bolje, manj pod stresom in si povrnem motivacijo za doseganje vsakodnevnih ciljev.

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