ORGONITE RED JASPER, aventurine green, citrine, lapis lazuli, howlite, obsidian, shungite, plate
  • ORGONITE RED JASPER, aventurine green, citrine, lapis lazuli, howlite, obsidian, shungite, plate

FIVE ELEMENTS Orgonite Plate


Orgonites fill our living space and body with life energy.

Due to its shape, the plate can also be used for energizing food and drinks.

Orgonite with crystals:

Red jasper - a stone of stability. It strengthens our energy field and brings us a sense of security. It protects us from physical threats, strengthens our self-preservation instinct, and shows us a way out of dangerous situations. If we have it in the car, it protects us from accidents, theft, and intolerance while driving. It absorbs electromagnetic radiation in the home or office. In the workplace, it encourages enthusiasm for work, hobbies, and helps to acquire new fresh ideas.

Green aventurine has been used as a talisman for gambling, as its green color is believed to attract money and luck. It strengthens individuality, creativity, relaxation, optimism, and self-confidence. It helps to clear emotional blockages and promotes tolerance in people. It has a beneficial effect on emotions, heart, blockages in the spine, and regeneration of the whole body.

Citrine is a blossoming crystal. With its playful yellow energy, it promotes fullness of life, fresh beginnings, and new searches. It eliminates malaise, dissolves negative states, raises self-confidence. It awakens intuition, opens the chakras, and brings fresh life energy. It has a good impact on business affairs, so it is especially recommended for new projects, as it brings success and abundance.

Lapis lazuli - the stone of friendship, wisdom, and truth - brings harmony and more understanding communication in relationships. It enables self-expression without restraint and helps with open communication. It also helps to release repressed anger and emotional blockages and has a beneficial effect on improving memory.

Blue howlite is a great stone for reducing anxiety and tension. It calms troubled emotions, so it works well in situations where we are overwhelmed by emotions such as fear and anger. It calms our energy field, helps with concentration, and helps to let go of old emotional traumas. The energy that is released at the same time can be used for new beginnings.

Snow obsidian is a stone of scholars, encourages spiritual growth, teaches that every thing and every creature has a dark and a light side. Strengthens intuition, releases tension, brings clarity of mind, dissolves emotional blockages.

Shungite purifies water, grounds, protects from electromagnetic emissions.

Orgone Size:

width: 16 cm,
height: 3 cm.

* The image is symbolic, as it is a unique product and natural stones can differ from each other in shape and color shade.


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About orgonite pedestals

Like all other orgonites, orgonite pedestals cleanse the space of negative energies and fill it with new, fresh energy. Due to their shape, they are also suitable for energizing food and drinks, as they can be placed on a bowl, cup or jug ​​of water. They remove harmful substances and additives from water and food, they also fill it with uplifting energy and improve its taste. By consuming water and food that we have exposed and cleansed with orgonite energy, we can restore our health, vitality and well-being.

The orgonite pedestal is also a beautiful decoration for our table. On the desk, it neutralizes computer radiation and helps increase our efficiency. If we place it near the bed, we will have a calmer and better quality sleep.

All orgonite pedestals are hand-crafted from resin, copper wire, metal particles and stone lightning crystals. The purpose and intent is added with selected crystals and semi-precious stones that fill the orgonite with its characteristics.

Using orgonites can change your life for the better.



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