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ROSE QUARTZ, SELENITE and MILKY QUARTZ Orgonite Necklace heart

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Orgonite necklace with rose quartz, selenite and milky quartz crystals.

You can read more about the crystal here >> Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a crystal of the heart that can be found in different shades of pink. It emits strong vibrations of love, warmth and happiness and symbolizes the love for our partner, our children, our family and friends, as well as love for ourselves and all around us. It helps us to overcome loss and get rid of jealousy and resentfulness. As a stone of the heart chakra, it establishes a harmonious connection between the soul and the body. It teaches us unconditional love and acceptance and works best when its worn around the neck - close to the heart.

You can read more about the crystal here >> Quartz or mountain crystal

Quartz or mountain crystal regulates negative energy, cleans and neutralizes harmful emissions of the environment. It helps us relax and fulfill our desires. It clears our mind and helps to overcome fears, strengthens brain functions, stabilizes the heart and energy flow. It helps well with overcoming neuroses and hormonal problems.

If we use it with other crystals, it increases their strength. It can also be used to clean other crystals.


  • Because quartz binds negative energy, it needs to be cleaned more times than other crystals (recommended at least once a week)
  • The crystal can be cleaned under running water.


  • Charge the crystal by exposing it to the moonlight.

You can read more about the crystal here >> Selenite

Selenite (Mary’s glass) is known as the stone of the new era. This stone carries one of the strongest activation energies on Earth. It is an incredible enhancer of other crystals. It helps us achieve the desired mental transformation and brings peace to our lives. It fills us with love and understanding. It eliminates emotional blockades and helps with new beginnings. It facilitates spiritual awakening. It is used for the formation of a protective energy network around the house which eliminates the negative energies of the outside environment.


  • Use a slightly damp cloth for cleaning.
  • Should not be cleaned with water.

  • Size: approx. 3 x 3 cm.
  • Black necklace cord is attached.

* The image is symbolic, as it is a unique product and natural stones can differ from each other in shape and color shade.

Handmade. Made in Slovenia. 


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