BRACELET chakras with lava stones
  • BRACELET chakras with lava stones
  • positive energy bracelet, joy, citrine
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The bracelet promotes the harmonious functioning of the chakra energy centers.

It consists of a lava of stones and crystals: carnelian, amber, tiger's eye, green howlit, blue howlit, sodalite and amethyst.

Lava rock is a mineral that is formed when magma from volcanoes hardens into rock. It is found worldwide and is one of the oldest and most common minerals on earth. The energy captured in the lava stone is raw and primal. It helps us to ground more easily, as it has a beneficial effect mainly on the root chakra.


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Carnelian is a crystal of all-round success. It helps in solving problems, restores motivation, and brings joy to life.

Amber brings light and the will to live into our lives and fills us with courage and strength. It strengthens determination and self-confidence. Soothes depression and stress. It cures asthma, bronchitis, and relieves severe cough. Strengthens cartilage, bones, joints, teeth, and nervous system. It helps well with thyroid problems.

Tiger eye is a very powerful crystal, which clears the mind, brings wealth and new opportunities. Among other things, it is worn as a talisman for happiness and protection from spells. It instills new power and stability and helps us see an exit in dark periods of life.

Blue howlite is a great stone for reducing anxiety and tension. It calms troubled emotions, so it works well in situations where we are overwhelmed by emotions such as fear and anger. It calms our energy field, helps with concentration, and helps to let go of old emotional traumas. The energy that is released at the same time can be used for new beginnings.

Sodalite is a crystal for the clarity of mind. It eliminates indecision, increases creativity, improves memory and learning ability, and promotes spontaneous communication.

Amethyst is considered to be a powerful protective stone. It also protects our energy field. It eliminates stress and brings peace and harmony. It helps with insomnia problems.



Čudovita! Odkar jo imam sem veliko bolj zadovoljna in polna energije.

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