• The bracelet is stretchable.
  • Unique and handmade.

The bracelet promotes the harmonious functioning of the chakra energy centers. It is made of crystals:

Garnet is a crystal of transformation, helps to overcome fear, calms anger and nightmares. It boosts self-confidence and courage, instills self-esteem and has an antidepressant effect. It helps us in hopeless situations. It cleanses and regulates the functioning of the chakras. It inspires us and brings love and devotion.

Carnelian is a crystal of all-round success. It helps in solving problems, restores motivation, and brings joy to life.

Citrine is a blossoming crystal. With its playful yellow energy, it promotes fullness of life, fresh beginnings, and new searches. It eliminates malaise, dissolves negative states, raises self-confidence. It awakens intuition, opens the chakras, and brings fresh life energy. It has a good impact on business affairs, so it is especially recommended for new projects, as it brings success and abundance.

Green aventurine has been used as a talisman for gambling, as its green color is believed to attract money and luck. It strengthens individuality, creativity, relaxation, optimism, and self-confidence. It helps to clear emotional blockages and promotes tolerance in people. It has a beneficial effect on emotions, heart, blockages in the spine, and regeneration of the whole body.

Blue chalcedony is the stone of communication. It helps express oneself clearly and brings the ability to listen. It is also known as the stone of speakers as it stimulates thoughts while helping to hold back words you might regret. Relieves respiratory problems. It cleanses the lungs, so it is recommended for smokers and asthmatics.

Sodalite is a crystal for the clarity of mind. It eliminates indecision, increases creativity, improves memory and learning ability, and promotes spontaneous communication.

Amethyst is considered to be a powerful protective stone. It also protects our energy field. It eliminates stress and brings peace and harmony. It helps with insomnia problems.


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