Bracelet power of the soul

  • Do not wash the bracelet, if necessary, clean it under running water without detergents.
  • Adjustable size 

Hand made -  Made in Slovenia

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Energetic bracelet POWER OF THE SOUL is the right one for you if you wish to:

  • find confidence in what you do,
  • become more mentally and emotionally stable, feel worthy again,
  • believe that working hard is NOT the necessary condition to deserve, greatness, feel worthy of receiving and accepting,
  • appreciate yourself the way you are, see advantage before weakness,
  • feel self-confident so you will not need someone to praise you to feel better, feel peaceful and in harmony every step of your way,
  • trust yourself more and find confidence, not to get involved in the patterns of your mind  by chewing something over and over again and feeling powerless, full of doubt and fear,
  • find balance and harmony by allowing yourself to ask and accept help, feel safe and not to build a wall around you,
  • find the way out of entrapment and worthlessness into a higher awareness.


Wear the bracelet on any arm ad long as you feel you need it. There is no time limit for wearing this. Perhaps you will put it aside for some time, as long as it takes, but then you will ware it again. Follow your inner voice. When you choose a bracelet and get it, give it a purpose for what you want to say hello to. To balance in your life. 

Special bracelet with channelled SOURCE CODE - ''THE KEY'' - work on your energy field. They help you align your heart, your mind and your soul to the vibration of love, compassion and gratitude. Unique symbols help you to achieve a state of higher consciousness, a life of awareness and at the same time improve your well-being.


Source Codes -  The Keys are channelized images that consist of different types of lines, letters and words. A unique combination carries with it an energy record that acts positively on a person and balances, unlocks or coordinates what is broken in his energy field. Source Codes are personal or universal, Universal are used on the POWER Bracelets. They are hand-drawn, channelled in order to assist everyone who wears them in the area they choose.


The purpose of the spiritual world is to improve our lives, return meaning to it, empower us, build faith in ourselves. They want to show us what love, compassion, gratitude is, and they want us all to experience the harmony of our heart, our mind and our soul. The Source Codes - The Keys help us to awaken in us the memory of who we really are.


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