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tigrovo oko

The crystal received its name from its typical colour pattern, which reminds of and eye of a cat or a tiger. It brings wealth and new opportunities. Tiger eye is one of those crystals that help you clear your mind. Moreover, it has been worn for centuries as a talisman for protection against witchcraft, bad intentions and more luck. Furthermore, Tiger eye should increase the power of vibrations emitted by other crystals.

As already indicated by the name and the look of the crystal, it stores powerful energy. With it, you will always have support. Tiger eye furthermore brings happiness and protection; therefore, it should be worn everywhere. It also affects love life, for instance, if you are unhappy in your relationship it will give you the power to break free.

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Tiger eye’s effect on psychological well-being

It calms highly sensitive people and allows them to enjoy their life. It is a very powerful crystal, which instils new power and stability and helps us see an exit in dark periods of life. It improves focus, benefits memory, confidence and offers support to public speakers. It is furthermore a good protection crystal.

Tiger eye with its vibrations directly impacts our self-image and improves it. If you want balance in your life, then Tiger eye is the right choice for you. It is in excellent aid in states of uneasiness and fear since it affects strength and courage. It works by strengthening the mind and restoring the lost will.

Tiger eye’s effect on physical well-being

Tiger eye positively affects eyes, helps in sinus problems, alleviates headaches, migraines and asthma. It is used in healing hormonal disorders. It alleviates muscle tension, strengthens cerebellum, healthy growth of bones and joints, alleviates inflammations, cramps, stomach problems and nervous system disorders. It helps in problems with the prostate gland, bladder, lungs, bronchitis and tuberculosis.

Its vibrations aid in faster healing of fractures and recovery after sickness. In addition to positively affecting and promoting metabolism, Tiger eye aids in body detoxification.

Tiger eye and spirituality

Tiger eye pendant benefits solar plexus and Root Sacral Chakra, which is responsible for our immune system. When the energies of lower chakras are balanced, people can sense their real power. If you are going to wear the crystal as jewellery always in your proximity, you are going to strengthen its action and utilize its energy to its full potential.

For protection and cleansing of energy by Feng Shui place Tiger eye in front of the entry of your home. You can place it for the same purpose in the children's room.

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