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Selenite or Mary’s glass is known as the stone of the new era. It is the stone that carries within one of the strongest activation energies on Earth. It is furthermore an incredible enhancer of other crystals that is why many use it in combination with other crystals.

Selenite’s effect on psychological well-being

Selenite helps us achieve the desired mental transformation and brings peace in our lives. It fills us with love and understanding. It eliminates emotional blockades, aids in new beginnings and fills us with trust that everything happens for our greatest good.

Selenite’s effect on physical well-being

It helps in the regeneration of the nervous system, the muscular system and the skeletal system. It detoxifies the body, strengthens the backbone. It alleviates tension and muscular cramps and rejuvenates skin that is why it is used by various massages, cosmetical as well as therapeutic.

Selenite and spirituality

It facilitates spiritual awakening. It connects to the higher self and divine guidance, raises consciousness, cleanses energy bodies, aura and chakras. It gently and efficiently removes energy blockades. Within it carries the records of the evolution of humanity, therefore it is appropriate for those seeking the truth. It opens potentials that rest hidden deep within us, allowing the evolution of consciousness on the level of the being of light. It opens telepathic communication ways and opens insights into past lives.

It is used for the formation of protective energy network around the house which ensures protection against negative energies of the outside environment.

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Created On Thursday, April 28, 2022 Posted By Rudica - Kotiček pod srečno zvezdo Comment Link
Pozdravljeni ga. Katja. Pri ustvarjanju energijske mreže je stvar odločitve posameznika. Nekateri kristale postavijo zunaj, na vogale parcele, drugi notri, v vogale hiše.

Lep dan,
Created On Thursday, April 28, 2022 Posted By Katja S. Comment Link
Zanima me, kako se porablja se za tvorbo zaščitne energijske mreže okoli hiše. Ali nastaviš kristale zunaj na vsak vogal hiše?
Hvala in lp,
Created On Wednesday, March 16, 2022 Posted By Rudica - Kotiček pod srečno zvezdo Comment Link
Pozdravljeni ga. Hermina. Za masažo obraza s selenitom predlagam selenit masažno milo:
ali selenit milo srček:
V primeru dodatnih informacij me lahko pokličete na: 031 586 055

Created On Monday, March 14, 2022 Posted By hermina merc Comment Link
Želim kupiti selenit za masažo obraza, kaj mi predlagate. hvala za odg.

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