ORGONITE – The Source Of Life Force

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Orgonites protect our electromagnetic field and reduce and eliminate problems, which are the consequence of pollution of the modern environment. They fill our living space as well as our organism with energy and in this way positively affect our psychophysical well-being.

On a psychological level, they protect us from the negative consequences of stress. They improve sleep quality, that is why we are more relaxed and emotionally more stable.

They are made from resin, copper wire, metal particles and quartz crystals. Based on the maker’s intentions they have additional crystals and semi-precious stones.

Orgonites for personal use >>>

orgone personal use

They are used for protection of individuals’ energy field. They are worn and are usually in the form of necklaces or pendants. Orgonites on online shop >>>

Orgonites for living space >>>

orgonite room orgonites

Different shapes: cone, pyramid, semicircle. The size is important: the bigger the orgonite the greater its powerOrgonites on online shop >>>

More about the way orgonites work

orgonites orgone energy

Orgonites on online shop >>>

Orgonites work as transformers of negative radiation caused by modern devices: computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens, base stations for mobile networks, transformers and military and civil radars. They absorb negative energy from the environment and transform it into a new, fresh life force.

orgonit trgovina

They help by problems, which occur because of radiation and electro-pollution: fatigue, headaches, joint pain, lack of energy, apathy, depression and sleep disorders. In case of sickness, they effectively shorten recovery time.

Uses of orgonites::

  • Cleansing aura, body and space.
  • They fill with the energy our body, emotions, mind and aura, as well as our living space and workspace,
  • They protect from the effects of negative energy of others and negative energy on a non-physical level,
  • They harmonise the body, emotions, mind and space,
  • They energize water and food,
  • They increase productivity and creativity in the workspace,
  • They positively affect the growth of plants and the well-being of pets.

Orgonites are not a substitute for therapy or medicine prescribed by doctors, however, they efficiently supplement them. 

Water test: place a glass of tap water in direct proximity of cone orgonite or place the glass on an orgonite coaster. The dead water changes its structure, everything that is harmful becomes harmless and water comes to life. If we clean water and bring it to life in this way, it contains the smallest particles of vital force and our well-being improves significantly.

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