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lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is the stone of friendship, it brings harmony and more understanding communication in relationships. It is the stone of wisdom and truth. It encourages the wish of understanding and of new knowledge that is why it is excellent for people occupying leading positions such as journalists, lawyers, inventors and writers. It is also considered a protection stone, as it prevents the invasion of negativity.

Due to its heavenly blue colour, it is one of the most valued stones in the history of humanity. It was the symbol of dignity, gods, power, spirit and vision. It was often utilized in magical rituals.

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Lapis Lazuli’s effect on psychological well-being

It frees us of illness due to which we can fall into a passive state and it gives us internal power and wisdom. It helps us in expressing emotions and makes us wiser that is why it is useful in solving problems in relationships with others, especially in toxic ones. It enables us to self-express without holding back and aids in open communication.

Lapis Lazuli’s effect on physical well-being

The effect of the activity of Lapis Lazuli is quick and intensive. It helps us with problems such as headaches, migraines, skin problems, problems with the thyroid gland, joints, throat, heart and lungs.

It improves blood circulation, balances heart rhythm and helps in vertigo. It calms child restlessness and children that have trouble focusing and improves memory. It eliminates muscle tension and alleviates cramps and aids in problems with sleeplessness.

Lapis Lazuli and spirituality

It opens Forehead Chakra and it positively affects the activity of Throat Chakra. It helps relax suppressed anger and emotional blockades. It positively affects self-expression, especially by people, who hold back anger, as it helps them express the unexpressed emotions. If you will place it at night in the proximity of your bed it will clean and harmonise you as well as empower the Forehead Chakra.

lapis lazuli

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