Hematite - Gemstone for Protection

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About Hematite

Hematite is considered a strong protection stone, as it protects mediums and people, who engage in magic and ghost calling. In the past it was used in magic rituals for drawing magic circles.

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Hematite's effect on psychological well-being

It provides us with determination, rigidity, strength and vitality. It strengthens our connection with earth and grounds us. It improves our balance and sense of time and space. It furthermore strengthens the will to live and improves confidence.

Hematite’s effect on physical well-being

Hematite had always been used for elimination of problems that are a consequence of iron deficiency. It improves the activity of the immune system, improves vitality, has an anti-inflammatory effect, increases the level of oxygen in the body and has a beneficial effect on physical well-being. Moreover, it has a detoxifying effect on bare skin.

Hematite and spirituality

In meditation, it is used to ground and protect against negative energies and entities. It is the stone of the First Root Chakra. Hematite aids by desire manifestation.

It is appropriate for cleaning of crystals that are sensitive to salt and for those that should not be cleaned with running water.


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