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The name tourmaline comes from Sri Lanka, where tura mali means an unknown mineral of various colors. Black tourmaline was used by the locals to protect them from negative energies and demons. Nowadays, it protects us from the envy and anger of the people around us. It is especially recommended for protection against emotional vampires.

Effect of Black Tourmaline on psychological well-being

It eliminates depression and the need for control; it also strengthens the sense of security, and gives us energy and strength. It activates us in the realization of ideas and helps us to achieve greater well-being. It encourages sincerity, emotional stability, patience, dedication, and compassion. As it effectively relieves feelings of anxiety, it is also suitable for people with panic attacks.

Effect of Black Tourmaline on physical well-being

Black Tourmaline brings us more energy, regulates hormones and helps us lose weight. It also improves skin, strengthens the immune system, and works well for lung disease.

Black Tourmaline and spirituality

Black tourmaline is said to be the stone of the spiritual awakening of the Age of Aquarius. It cleanses our etheric body and acts as a shield. It is a good stone for meditation, and it also regulates male and female energy in the body. We associate it with the first chakra as it grounds us and stimulates the flow of energies between the chakras.

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